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JUNE 2004 - No. 2 - Electronic Newsletter of SCBWI SA

Make-a-Story Time!

The Electronic Newsletter of the
Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, South Africa
JUNE 2004 - No. 2

Quote for the month
What do you do with creative blocks; you build a castle – by SARK


  • A Note from Your Regional Advisors
  • Upcoming Events for the next four months
  • Conferences
  • Publishers Market News
  • Other Market News
  • Competitions
  • Dates for your Calendar
  • Notes
  • Interesting Web sites to visit

A Note from Your Regional Advisors

If it wasn’t for deadlines I would probably spend all my time doing dangerous or wildly excited things, now I spend my time drawing wildly dangerous things. Monsters! For the next two months I have to draw over 160 monsters so if you do not hear much form me I’m probably working hard or if you do not hear from me at all I’ve probably been eaten by one of the monsters I’ve drawn.

The other thing that is keeping me REALLY busy is finalising arrangements for the SCBWI conference on the 1st – 4th of September. Now that I know that the sponsorship I hoped for has come through the fee can be reduced to R250.00. AND on top of that some of the experienced writers and illustrators have agreed to do review sessions for free.

This is really a GOOD offer and a MUST.... SO If you serious about your work then SO GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND BOOK. Booking is not full ( Remember there is a limited space so it will be on a first come first serve bases.

See attached programme.
2004 is a good year for Children’s Books in South Africa If you don’t know all about the IBBY Congress that starts the day after the SCBWI conference you must visit their web site. You can also book for just one day if you cannot attend the whole IBBY Congress What you need to know about this conference: 600 Delegates from 65 countries - Includes 200 African delegates
They will be publishers, editors, librarians, teachers, lecturers in children’s literature, researchers, professional storytellers, authors and illustrators.
Contact details:
The IBBY Congress starts on the 5th Phone: 021 532 0555 / E-mail: / Internet:
SACBF Office:
Our Publishers Show & Tell day in April went very well.
So well that we have decided that its worth making this a yearly event.
Hope to see you at future events, from Marjorie van Heerden, Paddy Bouma, Co-Regional Advisors
and Thomas van der Walt, Assistant Regional Advisors of the South African Branch of the SCBWI

July. 17th - 10am – 3pm Open day at Marjorie’s house. 153 Beach rd, Gordon’s Bay. Please tel. Marjorie (Tel 021 8560432) or by e-mail by Friday that you are coming.
August (Date to be confirmed) A pre-Conference critique group meeting.
September 1st - 4th “Story telling time in Africa” – a SCBWI South African Review-session conference prior to the IBBY Congress (5th – 9th September) for more information please e-mail Marjorie van Heerden
(See below at no. 8 for update)
October (Date to be confirmed) a Frightening show & tell event... more information is a mystery
November (Date to be confirmed) SCBWI End of the year – Season’s Greetings Party
February or March (Date to be confirmed) Publisher’s Day.

Here is some abbreviations used by publishers.
Abbreviations: PB: picture book; CB: chapter book; ER: easyreader; MG: middle-grade; YA: young adult; NF: nonfiction; BFYR: books for young readers; SASE: self-addressed, stamped envelope; ms.: manuscript; CBI: Children’s Book Insider; CW:
Children’s Writer, IRC: international reply coupon.
SCBWI members can receive the earliest word of market changes at the “Publisher’s Corner” section of the SCBWI Listserv. To join, send an e-mail to with the words SCBWI E-MAIL LIST INFO in the subject line.

Announcement and call for papers:
African Children's Literature past and present: the travelling of African stories across borders and oceans
2nd Biennial Conference of the African Research Society for Children's Literature 20-22 December 2004
Venue: Supreme Council of Culture, El Gezira Opera Grounds, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt
Organised by the Supreme Council for Culture, Egypt and the African Research Society for Children's Literature
We welcome abstracts (of not more than 250 words) that address particular issues regarding the study of and research in children's literature in Africa.
The main topic of the conference will be: The African Diaspora: the travelling of African stories across borders and oceans (and language and race)
However, the following topics also serve as suggestions for proposals:
The aesthetics of African children's books
African children's literature and literary criticism Distinction between African children's and adult books Colonialism and post-colonialism in African children's stories Problems of writing for African children Writing in indigenous/colonial languages African children's literature in translation African Folktales and the Western Imagination Traditional folk tales and the modern child Folklore in children's stories Story telling today as a continuation of the oral tradition Oral narratives and literary research Converting oral literature into written literature Children's stories and popular culture African children as storytellers Using books in Africa for didactic purposes Cultural relevance of children's books Children's literature as a uniting factor Violence and war in African children's books The image of the girl in African children's stories
There will also be report sessions on the status of research and study of children's literature in particular African countries.
Although this is an African conference that will deal with the study and research of children's literature on the continent, delegates from other parts of the world are welcome. One session will be devoted to the study of African children's literature in other parts of the world.

Due date for abstracts: 15 July 2004
Selection committee: Dr Nadia el Kholy and Dr Thomas van der Walt (see addresses below)
The programme, information on accommodation, transport, registration fee, as well as the registration form will be published on the webpage:

Mail abstracts and direct enquiries to:
Dr Thomas van der Walt
Department of Information Science
University of South Africa
PO Box 392
0003 Pretoria
South Africa
Fax: 0+27 12 4293400

Conference organisers:
Dr Nadia el-Kholy (Vice-President: ARSCL)
Department of English
Cairo University
20 Lotfi Hassouna, Dokki
Egypt 12311
Dr Thomas van der Walt (President: ARSCL)
(address above)

The Katrine Harries Award for Children's Book Illustrations and the CP Hoogenhout Award are two of the oldest and most prestigious children's book awards in the country. When the library association of South Africa decided not to continue with these awards, Unisa's Children's Literature Research Unit took responsibility of them in 1999.
We hereby request submissions of books that may be considered for the awards.
Katrine Harries: As this award is presented retrospectively for the years when no award was made, illustrations in books published during 1999-2000 are under review.
Jude Daly received the previous award for her illustrations in The Stone (for books published during 1997-98).
CP Hoogenhout Award:For Afrikaans children's books (not picture books or youth books, but books that children can read independently, 8-12 years) published during 2002-2003.
For 2000, Verna Vels received the award for "Liewe Heksie en die rekenaar en ander stories". In 2002 no award was made.
The winners of the two awards will be announced at Aardklop Art Festival in September.
Thomas van der Walt ( )
CLRU, Dept of Information Science, Unisa
PO Box 392, 0003 Pretoria


The First Words In Print- Compitition results!
The 3 winners of the SAPPI Isiqalo competition are as follows:
What's down the hole by Clea Berge
Now Mama by Catherine Kraetschmer
Three Friends and A Taxi by Maryanne Clegg & Shayle Bester
These two books were given unique awards:
Lindi No Gogo by Thembi Mwelase
I could be anywhere by Catherine Groenewald
CONGRATULATIONS! to the winners

International Illustration Contest Figures Futur 2004
We have the pleasure to present you Figures Futur 2004. We think that it might interest your members. igures Futur is an international illustration contest open to novice illustrators from every country.
Theme : The Little Red Riding Hood by Perrault and Grimm or any other version It is asked to produced a front cover and a double page or a multimedia creation.
Deadline for receiving images : September 21th, 2004
The most innovative works will be selected by an international jury. An exhibition presented at the The Books and Press for Youth Fair in Seine-Saint-Denis from November 24th to 29th will travel around France and abroad. A bilingual catalogue will accompany the exhibition (distribution to art directors and in bookshops).
The winner will receive a 7500€ grant.
You can find all the information about Figures Futur 2004 on line (regulation, entry form, images of previous winners ) on the Centre de promotion du livre jeunesse web site :
Please contact us if you want some paper documentation,
We remain at your disposal for any further information,
Yours faithfully,
Denis-Luc Panthin and Julie Bellanger
Exhibitions and images– 01 55 86 86 57– 01 55 86 86 66

Some important dates to pencil in on your 2004 calender.
17 July - 10am – 3pm Open day at Marjorie’s house.
21 July - SACBF AGM with announcement of Vivian Wilkes Award in Bloemfontein
22 July - As part of the Celebrate Women festival at the V&A waterfront, there will be a ABSA Children's Book Festival
Where: The Craft Market, V&A Waterfront
Date: 22 July 2004
Time: 11h00
Cost: Free
Gcina Mhlophe, Rosamund Haden and other children's authors, will enchant, entertain and educate the children with readings from their storybooks, and the facilitation of workshops for the children, who will be identifying the "10 wonderful things about South Africa". Input from the children will contribute to a poster in celebration of 10 years of Democracy. see for more info,
August (Date to be confirmed) A pre-Conference critique group meeting
2 to 5 September -"Story-telling time in Africa" - SCBWI Review sessions - There will be a Illustration Exhibition running concurrently to the conference
5 to 9 September - 29th IBBY Congress in Cape Town
October (Date to be confirmed) a Frightening show & tell event.– Publishers can show their newest Publications, And writers & Illustrators can come and show their work in progress
November (Date to be confirmed) SCBWI End of the year – Season’s Greetings Party
February or March (Date to be confirmed) Publisher’s Show & Tell day.

We would like to make the SCBWI SA newsletters a source of information. PLEASE publishers send me any information you would like us to include in the next news letter.
If you have written an article on children’s books or related subject and would like it circulated through our newsletter, please send it (Not too long, please)
I am also looking for one colour illustrations to include.
The next newsletter will appear in November, deadline for “stuff” is 10th November

The SA SCBWI management team:
Marjorie van Heerden – Co-Regional Advisor

Paddy Bouma – Co-Regional Advisor (
Thomas van der Walt – Assistant Regional Advisor (
Samantha van Riet – Committee Member (

Annette van Zyl– Committee Member (

Carried over from our first Newsletter, but updated
Publishers Weekly On-Line
If you like reading Publishers Weekly but don’t like the subscription price, go to
Here are some South African writer’s and Illustrator’s web sites
Niki Daly’s Web Site:
Di Hofmeyr’s web site:
Samantha van Riet’s web site:
Unisa’s Children’s Book web site by Thomas
Another South Africa book web site.

This site carries a list of Children's Bookshops in England with websites & addresses.
By browsing these web sites you can see what books are being published
Children's specialist bookshops
an this bookshop below
And here is the Web site of a Children's Bookshop in New York
Books Of Wonder
On these web sites there is a multitude of information about children's books!!!
Booktrust information and advice about books
The British Council United Kingdom home page
This web site has a list of children's magazines and magazine about new children's books publications. They carry reviews of new publications. I suggest you prescript to at least one magazine. Books for Keeps or Carousal are worthwhile magazines to prescript to.
Children's Magazines
This Magazine is published in America has reviews of all the best of latest Children's Books published in the U.S.A.
The Horn Book, Inc. Publications about books for children and young adults.
This company publishes a whole range of Children's Magazines for children to read.
Cricket Magazine Group!
When you find children's book you would like to buy, here is a on-line bookshop I can recommend
On-line Bookshop
SA On-line Bookshop
For Illustrators struggling to find certain art Materials, here is a web site that carries quite a lot names of Art suppliers in Britain with links to their web sites, most of whom you will be able to order from and they will post or courier your order to you. There are addresses & tel. numbers, and information how to order art material on the art suppliers web sites.
Art Works, arts Schools, Art Supplies
an these two Art Suppliers' Web Sites below
Jackson's Art Supplies Ltd
London Graphic Centre
BIBLIONEF Contact details: Mrs. Jean Williams, Executive Director, Biblionef SA, 4 Central Square, Pinelands 7405 Tel: 021 531 0447. Fax: 021 531 9455. Email:
Another web-site - - for professional authors who value helping other authors. We provide dynamic coaching, consulting and editing to aspiring and seasoned writers at every stage. We offer inside information not found elsewhere.
CHILDREN'S BOOK PUBLISHERS Compiled by Kay E. Vandergrift number of sites in the children and young adult publishing world
UK Children’s Books - Your guide to the on-line world of children's books
SACBF (South African Children’s Book Forum)
Office-e-mail address:
The International Regional Advisor Chairperson’s, Erzsi Deak, web-site is
The last but not the least, the SCBWI web site. Here you can find out about so many things that the SCBWI are doing and things that can help you on the road of becoming a writer or making your life as a writer so much easier. Lots of information!!!!!
The Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators
Contact Information, SCBWI Executive Office
Stephen Mooser, President
Lin Oliver, Executive Director
8271 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Phone: (323)782-1010, Fax: (323)782-1892

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