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JANUARY 2006 – No.1 - Electronic Newsletter of SCBWI SA-

Make-a-Story Time!

The Electronic Newsletter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, South Africa
JANUARY 2006 – No.1


  • A Note from Your Regional Advisors
  • SCBWI SA Aims
  • Publisher’s Show-and-Tell Day
  • Competitions
  • Events 2006
  • Start Saving

To every reader of this letter I would like to say welcome to a brand new year and I would like to share a thought… a thought that makes my heart beat faster every time I think about it.
Next year, at this time in 2007 there are going to be a whole lot of beautiful new children’s books in classrooms, in libraries, in the hands and under the pillows of kids across our land. Brand new books that when first picked up, light up faces the way that only a young child’s face can light up. Books that made their eyes go wide. Books that made them hold their breath and books that made them sigh in wonder. Books that made them smile and books that made them laugh aloud. At this very moment these books do not exist - they are growing unseen inside of us. Just like all those shiny bright red tomatoes hidden inside a tiny little seed, these books are waiting to burst out of us. During this year beginning right now, we are going to give birth to them, write them, illustrate them, edit them, publish them, make them happen and share them with the world
Have fun!
Marjorie van Heerden

A New Year with new challenges… perhaps to do wonderful things one never dreamed were possible...
To help achieve this, a little tip (and I have confirmed this with several artist friends): Figure out what is the best time of the day for you to do the really creative work – for some it’s the early morning, for others the evening, and try not to do admin during that time. This can mean quite a radical rearrangement of one’s life and very good organization, but it’s worth it. Look at your email later. Wait until you need a break to deal with those accounts.
Sometimes one has to get over quite a psychological barrier to do this but it pays off wonderfully well in the end!
Right now I am breaking all the rules but I hope to get back there soon… Have a wonderful and creative 2006. Warmest wishes, Paddy Bouma

SCBWI - South Africa
The aims of the South African branch of the Society of Children’s Book Writer’s and illustrators are:
To create opportunities for members to become well informed about the local and international industry.
To provide a platform for members to communicate regularly with peers to compare notes so as not to work in creative isolation.
To share information and expertise, thus creating a community of children’s book writers and illustrators.
To stress and strategise with members about the importance of managing the workload.
To advise how to set aside time and energy to pursue creative stimulation and to develop creativity and personal growth.
To provide opportunities for members to compare notes about career planning and management
To balance the contribution to educational work with freely creative work (trade books) without losing the creative spark.
To provide opportunities for members to make contact and interact with established and successful children’s book writers and illustrators both local and foreign.


(Non-SCBWI members are very welcome to attend our events)
Event: Publisher’s Show-and-Tell Day
Region: South Africa.
Date: Monday, February 20th from 09.00am to 5.00pm
Where: Huis der Nederlanden, 4 Central Square, Pinelands (Telephone: 021 531 5831).
Cost: For Non-members R80.00 per person (includes tea & coffee and lunch)
For SCBWI members R40.00 per person (includes tea & coffee and lunch)
RSVP: Since we have limited number of slots available, kindly RSVP to Annette van Zyl - by 10th of FEBRUARY 2006 at the latest..
We will be making bookings on first-come-first-served bases
The day is aimed for writers to come and meet with the publishers and talk about planned projects and illustrators coming to show their portfolios. As soon as the list of publishers participating is circulated, illustrators and writers must send us their preferences of which publishers they would like to meet. Number your preferences from 1 to 10. A schedule will be drawn up on a first-come-first-served basis.

Conditions for & tips for your Presentation
Each person MUST bring along multiple copies of the filled in form (will send it out the form early in 2006 & advise how many copies you must bring) with your personal details and additional sets of 2 x A4 pages with examples of your work. IN TOTAL NOT MORE THAN THREE A4 PAGES! (One set for each of the publishers to take with them & one for SA SCBWI to keep in their illustrator’s file).
Make sure that the two pages with examples of your work have your name on and use a paper clip to join keep the 3 pages together NOT STABLED & NO FANCY FOLDERS – as this makes it difficult for the publishers to file.
You must be prepared to do your whole pitch in less than 15 minutes. Therefore prepare your portfolio in such a way that it can be handled easily. Preferable in an A3 or A4 folder that can be paged through. Rather choose a few of your best work than lots of examples with poor quality work included. If your portfolio consists mostly of reproductions of your work (i.e. in book form) bring at least two original illustrations along as well.
NB: This is a good opportunity to introduce yourselves and your work to the publishers or show your latest work to them, but there will be no feedback or comments on your work during this session –
NB – It will be the publishers’ decision whether they would like to make further contact with you.

For writers & illustrators who are unable to attend
You can send multiple copies of your form/ two pages with examples of your work (see specifications below) and we will distribute them amongst the publishers participating. Reply to Annette van Zyl - stating you cannot attend but want your work to be distributed - we will then send you the list of publishers participating. Cost: R40.00
The address you have to post your copies to. (to reach me by the 15th February)
Marjorie van Heerden, 153 Beach Road, Gordon’s Bay, 7140 South Africa.
For any questions you can telephone me at 021 856 0432 during office hours

Competition Reminder

Tune in every Wednesday at 20:00 to RSG
(100-104 FM)
for valuable writing tips and more on the ‘I’m a Writer!’ competition.
Closing date: 30 April 2006
ARE YOU A writer?
Find the competition rules and entry forms in selected editions of You, Huisgenoot and Drum.
Phone 083 913 3000, visit the website or contact Carina Hugo
Lana Bakkes ( )
for details
Send your entry/entries to:
The Organiser, I’m a Writer! Competition, Human & Rousseau, PO Box 5050,
Cape Town 8000.
For more info call Lana Bakkes on 021-406-3033, fax 021-406-3812 or e-mail

Sanlam Prize for Youth Literature 2007
The theme of the Sanlam Prize for Youth Literature 2007 has been announced. For this competition, the organisers are looking for youth novels in which technology plays a role. The closing date of the competition will be announced later. Further details available from Tafelberg.

Picasso is coming to Cape Town…
contact: Director Jean-Jacques Thézard at 021 423 5699 (TygerBurger Wed 25 Jan 06)

Event: Publisher's Show-and-Tell Day
Region: South Africa.
Date: Monday, February 20th from 09.00am to 5.00pm
Art Materials Day
Date: Monday, April 8th (DTC) from 09.00am to 4.00pm
The owner of the largest Art Materials Shops will be giving an informal workshop about different types of paper and art materials – demonstrating some of the newest materials available on the market. We will also have 3 of South Africa’s established artists talking about how and what materials they use.
What happens next?
This event, a follow-up on the” Art Materials Day”, will take place a few days later and will consist of tour through a repro and a printer company – Date TBC.
The Publishers Association of South Africa, PASA, and the organisers of the Frankford (European) Book Fair will be organising an International Book Fair in Cape Town (date 17 to 20 June 2006).
The SCBWI (SA) will be facilitating an event so writers will be able to come and meet with the publishers and talk about planned projects and illustrators can come to show their portfolios to the representatives from the international publishers coming to the Fair.
We also planning to stage an exhibition of children’s book illustrations during that time, and bring out a book/CD about South African writers & illustrators (like a catalogue) that could be sold at the book fair (Copies of the book/CD will be given to editors representing international publishers).
If you have any questions Email Marjorie van Heerden (Co-Regional Advisor of the South Africa Branch)

Start saving!

The South African Branch of the Society of Children’s Book Writer’s and Illustrator’s is planning to produce a book. This publication will be presented to editors, be on display at the upcoming Book Fair and will be on sale in bookshops. There will be space for at least 60 writers and illustrators to advertise themselves with samples of their books/writing/illustrations. Space will be sold per page, ½ page or sharing sections. More details and price structure available soon. In the meanwhile – start saving to get yourself a place in this book but you can already contact Sam at and book space for yourself.
We will be looking for sponsorship and selling advertising space to bring costs down and make it more affordable for illustrators and writers to purchase space. If you know of a likely sponsor or firm who would place an advert, please contact Gavin at

Writer’s/Illustrator’s MARKET NEWS

We would like to make the SCBWI SA newsletters a source of information.

PLEASE Publishers/Authors/Illustrators, send any information you would like us to include in the next newsletter. Is there a writing competition? Please let us know. Have you written an article on children’s books or related subject? Would you like it circulated through our newsletter? Please send it to

Committee members SCBWI South Africa

Marjorie van Heerden - Co-Regional Advisor
Paddy Bouma - Co-Regional Advisor
Thomas van der Walt - Assistant Regional Advisor, representing the northern part of South Africa and the Gauteng
Samantha van Riet – Bookings and e-mailing.
Annette van Zyl – Illustrations coordinator
Alzette Prins – General assistance and support
Wendy Hartmann – Committee member

The Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators
Contact Information: SCBWI Executive Office - Stephen Mooser, President. Lin Oliver, Executive Director
8271 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90048 Phone: (323)782-1010, Fax: (323)782-1892

The SCBWI NEWS has no wish to promote unsolicited or spam e-mail. If you no longer wish to receive the newsletter, please send an email to requesting her to remove you from the mailing list.

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