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Invitation to nominate books published in 2008 and 2009 for the Katrine Harries Award

All publishers, illustrators and other interested parties are invited to nominate books published in 2008 and 2009.

Please send your nominations asap to: Thomas van der Walt, Children’s Literature Research Unit, UNISA -

The Katrine Harries Award that originally was the only and most prestigious award in South Africa for children’s book illustrations, and that has been dormant for the past six years, will soon be awarded again. The award that was made for the first time in the early 1960's by the SA Library Association and later the South African Institute for Library and Information Science (SAILIS) has been awarded to South Africa’ s most well-known illustrators: Katrine Harries personally received the award twice before it was named after her. Thereafter Niki Daly, Joan Rankin, Alida Bothma, Cora Coetzee, Jeremy Grimsdell (and others) have received it with Emily Bornhoff finally receiving it in 2008.


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