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Illustrators' Rates

Have you ever wondered what you should be charging for illustrating? SAFREA (Southern African Freelancers' Association) suggests some minimum rates. These can be accessed at: The following rates were suggested in 2007/2008.

SAFREA suggested Minimum Rates 2007/2008

Artwork: Black and white per piece
Filler R150.00
A5 half page R250.00 - R450.00
A5 complex R300.00 - R500.00
A5 three quarter page R300.00 - R500.00
Narrow Crown to A4 (simple) R485.00 - R550.00
NC to A4 (complex) R600.00 - R750.00
NC to A4 double spread (simple) R800.00 - R1200.00
Nc to A4 double spread (complex) R1100.00 - R2000.00

Artwork full colour per piece
Filler R175.00
A6 or quarter page R225.00
A5 or half page R300.00
A5 complex full page R600.00
A4 three quarter page 600 - R750.00
Narrow Crown to A4 (simple) R600.00 - R800.00
NC to A4 (complex) R800.00 - R1100.00
NC to A4 double spread (simple) R1500.00 - 2000.00
Nc to A4 double spread (complex) R1750.00 - 2500.00

Artwork DTP/Technical per piece
DTP/computer generated a/w (including maths) (simple) R 75.00 - R300.00
DTP/computer generated a/w (including maths) (complex) R300.00 - R550.00
Technical drawings R390.00 R250 - R550.00
Medical illustrations R300.00 - R1500.00
Graphs R200

Maps per piece
B&W Narrow Crown - A4 (simple) R400.00 - R550.00
B&W NC - A4 (detailed) R750.00 - R1500.00
B&W NC - A4 double page (simple) R1000.00 - R1500.00
B&W NC - A4 double page (detailed) R1750.00 - R2500.00
Full Colour Narrow Crown - A4 (simple) R550.00 - R750.00
F/C NC - A4 (detailed) R1000.00 - R2000.00
F/C NC - A4 double page (simple) R1000.00 - R2500.00
F/C NC - A4 double page (detailed) R1750.00 - R2800.00

Cover Artwork per piece
Learners book/Reader NC - A4 (simple) R1500.00
LB/Reader NC - A4 (complex) R1750.00 - R 2750.00
Cover designed in Photoshop (no scanning cost) R2500.00 - 3 000.00
Studio photograph for Cover including fees and props (per photo) R1950.00 - R 2500.00

Cover design
Design requires no adjustment to artwork R1565.00
Design requires some adjustment to artwork R1816.00
Artwork on front cover only (complex design work) R2300.00
Artwork on front and back cover (complex design work) R2550.00
Makeup from existing design R900.00
Makeup from existing design with new image R1250.00
Teachers guide converted from Learners book R1200.00
New design with artwork R2000.00
Design for new series per title R2750.00
Complex design using artwork and photographs R2900.00

Book design and layout
Concept design R2550.00
cover design R2550.00
Layout per page (simple � run in text through to school science and maths ) R50.00 - 90.00
Layout per page (complex with design work) R220.00 - 260.00

Magazine design and layout
cover design R2500
Layout per pageR230

Web design
Concept design R3500 - R5500
Layout of pages this is easier quoted as an hourly rateR250 - R300 per hour

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